Morgan Gillis, Executive Director of LiMo, on the formation of Symbian Foundation

This development is not at all unexpected and we are pleased to see another organization recognizing that openness and collaboration are undeniable forces that will enable the next generation of mobile devices, applications and services. Taking Symbian out of proprietary ownership is a natural evolution for the organization because the future of the handset OS is far more about governance than technology – the role of the handset OS is now to mediate the inter-operation of diverse technologies, content and business models seeking to converge upon the device and this simply cannot happen under traditional commercial governance.
As such, LiMo welcomes the formation of Symbian Foundation and we are happy that it follows the pioneering direction and vision of Openness in governance and development will help the industry coalesce on a much smaller number of handset OS’s so that investment and innovation can be unblocked and far better proposition brought to consumers. 

LiMo was founded at the beginning of in order to bring open and collaborative governance to the mobile industry in order to unlock innovation throughout the value system and bring much better propositions to mobile consumers everywhere. Our simple formula has attracted very rapid industry engagement – 50 companies including 5 tier one operators managing half a billion subscribers and 16 handsets have been shipped to consumers. For more information, please visit limofoundation.