Morgan Gillis, Executive Director of LiMo, on the launch of the G1

As an organisation that was brought into being by the mobile industry to unlock innovation and catalyze choice throughout the value system -- and especially for the mobile consumer -- welcomes the launch of the G1 device using Google's Android platform. We believe that the G1, following after the 23 handsets already brought to mobile consumers using the LiMo Platform, provides further support to the widely held view that Linux is now positioned to become the most widely deployed OS within open mobile handsets.
We also look to Google to use the occasion of the launch of the G1 to openly answer some of the important questions outstanding since the Google Android platform was announced almost a year ago: which services will be made available to mobile consumers on Google Android handsets but not on other open mobile handsets; will G1 users have an open and free choice about whether or not they subscribe to Google's services; why has Google elected to build its own handset platform rather than working collaboratively with the mobile industry on the available alternatives?