New Release of LiMo Platform on-track, Members introduce Reference Implementations to streamline deployment of LiMo handsets.


LONDON, England, and TOKYO, Japan, February 9, — limofoundation.orgTM, a global consortium of mobile leaders delivering an open handset platform for the whole industry, today announced that all technologies specified for the R2 release of the LiMo PlatformTM have been contributed on time and that LiMo members are introducing reference implementations that will further ease the deployment of sophisticated and differentiated LiMo devices. 

 “The on-time completion of R2 technology contributions and the introduction of reference implementations demonstrate the deep collaboration amongst mobile industry leaders within the LiMo ecosystem. Cooperation of this nature is unprecedented within the mobile industry and is fostered by LiMo’s unique governance frameworks which promote balanced contributions and influence over the LiMo Platform,” said Morgan Gillis, executive director of the “The LiMo Reference Implementations will reduce time to market for LiMo devices while providing ample scope for deep customisation at the user interface and application layers.” 

The LiMo Reference Implementations will include code specified within both LiMo Platform R1 and LiMo Platform R2. This code includes source code contributions from members as well as components originating from open source communities.  LiMo Reference Implementation contributors include ACCESS CO., LTD., Azingo, LG Electronics, Purple Labs and Samsung Electronics.   

The latest technologies in the LiMo Platform include support for features such as advanced multimedia, location-based services, device management and enhanced security.  The latest documentation on the LiMo Platform as well as other technical resources can be found on LiMo’s website at limofoundation.    

"ACCESS is fully committed to LiMo's vision of a collaboratively developed middleware platform and we were pleased to make a very significant code contribution to help ensure that LiMo meets this goal in a rapid manner," said Dr. Tomihisa Kamada, president and co-CEO of ACCESS CO., LTD. "The LiMo Reference Implementations coupled with new technologies contributed in the R2 Platform will usher in a variety of highly compelling mobile devices and applications. 

“Azingo is pleased to contribute mobile Internet technologies to the LiMo Platform to help accelerate the delivery of advanced Web 2.0 experiences,” said Mahesh Veerina, CEO, Azingo. "Azingo is committed to actively participate and work with other members to realize LiMo’s core mission.”  

“LiMo is driving convergence and preventing fragmentation by enabling managed collaboration to take place under the security of LiMo’s IP safe harbor and related governance constructs,” said Alice Ryu, vice president, LG Electronics. “LG is pleased to have been alongside other LiMo members to implement reference implementations that will bring tangible benefit to all LiMo members and the broader mobile community.”  

“Samsung is pleased to work within the growing LiMo community to collectively create a reference implementation that can be used by all companies in the mobile industry that are keen to create and distribute a LiMo-based mobile device,” said SP Yoon, vice president, Software Center, Samsung Electronics. “For the true promise of Mobile Linux to be realized, companies must work together to create a common set of technologies that can be equitably implemented across an array of devices, while still leaving room for a differentiated user experience.” 

Launched in January, the is open to all vendors and service providers in the mobile communications marketplace, including device manufacturers, operators, chipset manufacturers, independent software vendors, integrators and third-party developers.  

The latest LiMo Platform technologies are being showcased in handsets and toolkits at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 16-19, in booth B135, Hall 8 and booth A125, Hall 8. For full details of’s presence at MWC ’09 visit: . For observations and commentary from the show floor join LiMo’s Twitter community at MWC attendees can see Morgan Gillis, executive director of speak on The Business Case for Open Source during the Mobilising Open Source conference session on Wednesday 18 February at 17:00 - 17:40 in Hall 5, Auditorium 3.   

About limofoundation.orglimofoundation.orgTM is a dedicated consortium of mobile industry leaders working together within an open and transparent governance model—with shared leadership and shared decision making—to deliver an open and globally consistent handset software platform based upon mobile Linux for use by the whole mobile industry. A full description of, including its vision, goals, charter, guiding principles, bylaws and membership information, can be found at limofoundation.