Samsung Vodafone 360 H1

Samsung Vodafone 360 H1Vodafone 360 H1

Why get this

  • Online exclusive - get 300 extra minutes on selected price plans with this phone
  • Contacts reinvented - bring your social networks together
  • Add more - it's easy to get music, videos and apps
  • 10 music tracks a month for £5 - first 3 months free

All your social networks. All your friends. All the fun. Just tap the dazzling 3D touch screen on the Vodafone 360 Samsung H1 mobile phone to pull up a contact.

Then send an instant message, see mutual friends or check out Facebook updates - all from one place.

Your social networks come alive in 3D. See which friends are connected to each other, view each other's photos and much more. Regular contacts leap out, making it easy to stay in touch. And if friends share their locations, the built-in GPS even shows you who's near.

Done being sociable? The big, bright screen makes it a pleasure to view websites, download music or watch streaming video. You can add apps to make your Samsung H1 do even more. It also has a 5 megapixel camera, MP3 player and 16GB memory.

Why get the Vodafone 360 Samsung H1?

Contacts - go beyond the phonebook

Vodafone 360 brings all your contacts together in one place. And it's going to transform the way you stay in touch.

Forget about flipping between separate pages to keep up to date with your social networks. Now you can see all your contacts from services like Google Talk, MSN Messenger and Facebook on your mobile - and whizz through them in slick 3D.

Organise different groups by colour. Check the latest updates from your mates. Even see who's connected to who - and get rapid access to your most regular contacts. Emails arrive on your phone as soon as they hit your inbox - there's no messing about with logins. In fact, it's never been easier to chat, call, text, email and share.

Backed-up and connected

Before you even get your Samsung H1 mobile phone, you can upload all your contacts to the Vodafone 360 website. When your phone arrives, it'll automatically synchronise everything for you - there's no annoying wait while you tap in all those chat contacts, names and phone numbers. Better still, if you lose or damage your H1, all your information is safely backed-up online. Just get a new H1, and you're ready to go.

Big, bright screen

The 3.5” widescreen shows everything in sharp, clear detail. Take charge of your contacts, flick through photos in style - or just kick back and enjoy watching videos the way they were intended.

Touchscreen with 3D

Forget about boring lists and layouts. The Samsung H1 mobile phone shakes things up with stunning 3D visuals. Simply glide your finger across the screen to whizz through contacts. Say goodbye to endless scrolling - the Samsung H1 highlights your most regular contacts, making them leap off the screen. Then simply tap to select.